About Us

Our Story 

Our three founders grew up together in Kerikeri, New Zealand, and for over 10 years have been drinking, tinkering, and crafting alcohol together. Along the way the idea of a distillery was passed around, until the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic provided the kick needed to get this distillery off the ground. 

Starting in June 2020, our head distiller Alastair purchased a 50 L still and developed the recipes we use today. These recipes combined the knowledge from his microbiology PhD with a large amount of trial and error, until he had an optimal fermentation and distilling process. Alongside our headline spirits, Alastair continues to apply scientific experimentation to our processes attempting to create the perfect drink, forever just out of reach. 

The Trident itself grew out of our home bar, started in a flat overlooking the upper harbour of Auckland. Naturally, after a glass or two of gin, talk turned to Neptune, his palace and the gods of the sea. These ideas linked the view of the harbour with our original flat, known only as “The Palace.” Thinking back, this had more significance than we knew as time in “The Palace” was critical in Alastair’s brewing journey, representing his first steps into the science behind fermentation. After a few more prototype gins, the Trident was born.

The Trident Distillery has come to represent not just our starting location and our three founders, but also the friends who were always willing to taste, and critique, prototype drinks. Over approximately 6 months, and various lockdowns, the homebrew bar was constructed and refined, until the day we decided to become an official craft distillery.